Still think about her. Still miss her. 

You’ll find loss, and you’ll fear what you found.

Cypress Hill – When the Sh-- Goes Down (161 plays)

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What a night.

I’l forget eventually. 

It’s 4am. I’m lying here listening to all the music we used to listen to. There’s half an empty bed next to me where you should be. 

I never really noticed at the time, but I really liked when we’d just lie together. You’d put one leg between mine, rest your head on one side of my chest and your hand on the other, and I’d have my arm around you. We’d just lie there, not caring about time, not even having to speak, just lie there. I’d give anything to do that one last time.

Wanna be stoned. 

I was doing quite well in not thinking about her, but I’ve relapsed. 

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